Services and Fees

Proofread: I will make sure that text, illustrations, captions, headings, etc., are properly placed and complete; check running heads and footers; ensure that captions and legends match artwork; ensure that pagination matches the Contents list; check end-of-line breaks; proofread preliminary pages and end matter (e.g. the index if there is one); fix incontestable errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar that have slipped through the net during copy editing; and I will query inconsistencies. If I feel larger editorial issues need to be addressed, I will advise the author of this. 
$0.0059 per word

Standard copy edit: I will read the text to make sure, among other things, that grammar, spelling and punctuation follow standard rules and a consistent style; that the language and style are appropriate for the audience and genre; that spellings are consistent; that inconsistencies are queried with the author or publisher; and that references to illustrations are clear enough for the typesetter to place them correctly. 
$0.01 per word 

Complex copy edit and fact check: Occasionally a manuscript may require a more in-depth copy edit. This usually occurs if an author is writing for the first time or if the book is particularly dense. A copy edit qualifies as substantive if there are three or more issues that need to be addressed per line, but each manuscript is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 
$0.0193 per word

Are you planning on sending out query letters, résumés/curricula vitae, plot synopses or abstracts? Do you feel they could do with a polish? Let me help!

Query letters: copy edit $15; proofread $5
Résumés/curricula vitae: copy edit $20; proofread $10
Plot synopses: copy edit $30; proofread $15
Abstracts: copy edit $30; proofread $15

All prices quoted are in US Dollars.